Mistakes Men Make By Byron Harmon

Mistakes Men Make By Byron Harmon
A true player never loses his game. But what happens when the rules are suddenly changed? Former NFL star and perpetual playboy Eric Swift is tackling the Big Apple -- giving 100% to his new job as a TV sportscaster and 200% to New York City's throbbing nightlife and beautiful women. Even Eric's ultraconservative coanchor, Eden Alexander, can't resist his charms. But when Eden agrees to a date, sHe insists on choosing the location: the Black Baptist Church Convention, to witness revolutionary rapper-turned-preacher Reverend Francois. Eric might have missed the reverend's message, but when it comes to wooing Eden he doesn't miss a beat: Soon he's feigning his faith...while secretly indulging in sin on the side. As Eric begins to bite off way more than he can chew, everyone around him seems to be falling apart. Eric's best friend LeBaron Brown and his new wife Phoenix are expecting their first child, but not without medical …

In Search Of The Primitive

In Search Of The Primitive
In Search Of The Primitive

Publisher : Transaction Publishe

Release : 1963*
Page : 54
Description :


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